Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Restaurant Review: David's Jamaican

I am just now discovering David's Jamaican in Monona. And boy do I wish I heard about this place 10 years ago! Ever since I got an office in Monona I've been looking for a great lunch place. David's Jamaican is at the very top of the list.

I've eaten Jamaican food a couple of times over the years, and it's never really impressed me. It hasn't been something I crave. Jolly Bob's makes some tasty food. But to be honest, the "jerked" foods I've made at home were a lot better then the stuff I had eaten out.

I figured I just didn't like Jamaican food all that much... I was wrong. Yeah I said it... I was wrong.

David's Jamaican, in my mind, had quite a few strikes against it before I went. It was Jamaican food, which I wasn't thrilled about, it is a lunch buffet place, which rarely has great food, and I tend to overeat at those (Eye > stomach syndrome.) I think that's why it took me more then 6 months of working nearby to try the place out.

We went right as they were opening, an absolutely key to going to any buffet place, the food will be at its freshest and will have been poked by the fewest amount of 6 year olds. The service was not exactly warm, but efficient.

Fried catfish, OMG, this is just so perfectly done. Nice fresh catfish nuggets in a flavorful batter fried golden brown and crispy. They were still nicely crispy even in the buffet! Such a great flavor in the batter, but it didn't overwhelm the great catfish flavor either! With went well with a bit of red beans and rice, which is a deceptively simple dish.

The waitress brought over a couple of spiciness levels of Jamaican jerk sauces in squeeze bottles without us having to ask. This brought the whole meal to another level!

This jerked pork at the bottom was a freaking revolution in my mouth. This more then any other dish made me immediately realize I had wasted the last 6 months on burritos and sandwiches. Sweet and vinegary, with a strong jerk spice level. This pork has me coming back again and again. This pork is tender and so flavorful, but with a nice meaty texture which only come from long long stewing.

This is fried chucks of chicken breast in a mango sweet/spicy sauce. Tangy, sweet, and made with high quality chicken. In this age of mechanically separated chicken, it's good to see somewhere which doesn't cater to the lowest common denominator.

The amazing food just goes on and on,

And everything is tastier then the last. The buffet turns out to be the way to go, at least for a first time to David's Jamaican. You can try a little of everything and identify your favorites for dinner when it keeps haunting you all day and you come back later that night

I was absolutely thrilled with everything that I tried. That is something I have almost never ever said at a buffet.


Rating: ***
Cost: $

5734 Monona Dr
Monona, WI 53716
(608) 222-8109

Mon - Sat 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sun 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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