Exploring Unique and exotic food from around the world and right here in Madison WI.

I'm a recovering travelholic with frequent relapses. I'm a former chef turned Biotechnology cog. I went past foodie sometime in the late 90's during a particularly long Japanese Iron Chef Marathon; I have never looked back.

Sometimes I eat creepy things like sheep's heads, duck tongues, or tripe. I also review local restaurants and am very interested in promoting the local natural, organic, and free range meat scene.

My only qualification is that I love food, travel, restaurants, and sharing my adventures with friends and random people on the Internet.

I live in Madison, WI, a surprisingly great center for food and drink.

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I grew up cooking at my mother's side. She is Chinese but she cooked everything under the sun. Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Italian, German, Mexican, American, Middle Eastern, and she cooked it with passion. She used to work as a chemist and her love for recipes and new methods comes from that.


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