Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maroush Lebanese restaurant

OK, I'm not going to lie, we heard about Maroush the second or third day we were in Berlin. It was supposed to have the best felafel in the city. Now I'm not going to say we ate there EVERY day... but I would say that we ate there 15 times in the 30 days we were in Berlin would be conservative. It was a few miles from our house at Kottbusser Tor nicknamed Kotti by the locals.

The first time we went to Maroush I got the Felafel Teller which is basically a plate with a small salad 6 felafels, hummus, pickled vegetables all drowned in their fabulouus tahini. The use pure unadulterated 100% pure sesame paste sooo delicious. For 5 Euro this was a massive meal and well worth it.

The thing that really got us hooked on Maroush was the Chicken Shawarma. Here is the spit they used:
Now that's one big pile of chickeny goodness. on the top of the shawarma they have some whiteish stuff that I think is fat to drip all of its tasty goodness slowly through the cooking process. The chicken meat is highy marinated and to me looks like they just deboned a couple dozen chickens and stacked them up on a huge skewer. They take a pita bread dough and dump a huge dollup of garlic sauce inside it then layer french fries and a bunch of pickled vegetables inside, a mish mash of chicken and a huge dollop of their amazing tahini. Then they tightly roll it and shove it into a panini press. 2.50 euro. great lunch.

It may not look super duper appetizing because of the amazing garlic sauce running over everything but it is to DIE FOR. This makes up at least 13 of the 15 times we went. Worth flying to Berlin for.

We also tried their beef shawarma, Skewered beef, parsley, grilled tomatoes, pickled radish and tons of Tahini. They make a lot less of the beef every day then they do of the chicken. The skewer is about half as tall as the chicken and a lot thinner. I kind of agree, it's beefy but slightly drier then the chicken. The sandwich tastes more fresh because of the parsley but it's not as satisfying and amazing as the chicken. Worth a try but not worth flying to Berlin for. 2.50 Euro

Last but certainly not least is the Felafel Sandwich. This is a tasty meal in it of itself, 3 freshly fried balls of fluffy on the inside crispy on the outside goodness. Made fresh in a proper felafel scoopy thing to order. The dough always looks fresh and comes out in a medium size bowls throughout the day. To be honest their felafels are some of the best I have ever had. They aren't too squishy and they hold their shape when you bite into them and yet they are soft and delicate inside. The perfect blend of crispy and moist, healthy and fatty. The dough is mostly chickpeas, parsley, onion, mint, and any other tasty aromatic herbs you can think of high in protein and vitamins and minerals. You take that dough and you deep fry it! 2.50 Euro Maroush

Packed with cabbage, parsley and pickled turnips and cucumbers. Of course, tons of tahini.


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