Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thai food in the Park

Every nice weekend day at Preussen park in the Wilmersdorf neighborhood. Thai families gather to cook, eat, play games and spend the day in the park. Luckily for the rest of us these families have begun selling their food. The day we went about a dozen families were out selling soups, meats, fried pancakes, and all manner of sweets and even mixed drinks.

I got a plate of extremely spicy chicken bits and a plate of rice for 5 Euros. It had tiny little hard crunchy peas, eggplant and lots of Thai chili peppers. One of the Couchsurfers who organized this little outing to the park commented that you have to put your toilet paper into the freezer before you leave to go to the park or you are out of luck...

Jess got a plate from the same vendors of a dish that wasn't spicy. It was also chicken meat but it was mostly dark meat and chicken livers, hearts and kidneys. I was SO jealous! Also 5 Euros and a very tasty meal. Little bamboo shoots, onions and loads of organ meats.

There were also some other snacks to be had these banana leaves are stuffed with fermented raw pork, eaten with tiny little fire engine hot peppers as a chaser. I had only a tiny bite, but the family was eating them and I haven't gotten sick yet!

There were also some tasty deep fried battered Thai yams. Those were amazingly good but I unfortunately didn't get a picture of them! Those you'll just have to go and get for yourself! Here is a cool article about the park. This is definitely a must see if you end up in Berlin on a nice summer or fall day.


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