Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cinema Bistro: Palace Theater Sun Prairie

Marcus just opened a new theater in Sun Prarie. I went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron in the bistro theater which has servers and tray tables attached to the leather recliners for you to eat in. Overall it feels like you're in first class on a killer airline.

We arrived early and put in our order before most people arrived. We ordered an appetizer and a sandwich each. It took awhile to get our food and it didn't come out until right as the movie started. Eating at a movie that you are really excited for is like taking a nap at Packers game. Ordering drinks, receiving food, being asked 3-4 times whether you want your check now, is all very distracting any annoying.

The food itself was better then I would have expected from a movie theater. I didn't take any pictures, for obvious reasons. I had the BLT which boasted a full pound of bacon. I certainly wasn't disappointed in the amount of bacon in the sandwich. It was decent bacon. Nicely crisped and tasty. The balance between lettuce tomato and bacon suffered a little... but can you really ever have too much bacon? My doctor would tell you yes, but what does he know?

We also ordered tater tot nachos which were tasty but arrived cold along with the sandwiches. It would have been nice to have it delivered first, hot and then later dropped off the sandwiches. However this was their first night so I'm sure they have worked out some of their kinks.

The seats were huge, comfortable and had enough leg room for you to just barely have to adjust when a server walks down your aisle to drop off someone's drinks, food or check. Overall I think they have done just about as well as is possible for a dine-in theater situation.

Overall this theater is pretty incredible, all leather recliners in every screening room, drinks, and even an awkward CEO boasting about their "World famous Thincredible pizza". This oddly hilarious and slightly uncomfortable monstrous work of self-promotion is still playing before every movie. Remember guys, you can get beer, before... during... and after your movie.

Just the act of eating a real meal during a movie is distracting, that's the genius of popcorn and candy, no mess no fuss (except for the grease stains.) I would suggest the bistro theaters to anyone who is going to a movie and doesn't mind missing a few scenes here and there. But with how much movies cost nowadays... who is going to a movie and happy to skip some bits of it?


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