Friday, August 27, 2010

U Jagušky part VIII: The final post

OK so this is my final post from U Jagušky but we'll have a few more meals in the Czech Republic before we have to move on to Austria and Croatia. This one shouldn't have been much of a surprise that I loved it. Roasted Pork ribs with honey sauce. It was actually almost a Americanized barbecue sauce, but to be honest, better executed then almost any BBQ sauce in a bottle we have in the US.
These were not a typical US cut of pork rib which is close to the bone and more bone then meat. These were thick cut ribs almost into the pork belly or bacon cut. They were well browned and absolutely filling amazing and a wonderful experience. These guys know their pork in this country. My only problem with this dish was, I wanted more of that honey sauce! I could have drank the stuff on the side! I cleaned every lick of meat off the bone, probably attracting the stares and disgusted glances of the other patrons, if they hadn't been too busy gnawing on their own bones with bestial glee. Jessie did roll her eyes a few times, especially at the copious portion of pure fat.

Honestly, U Jagušky was probably my favorite experience in Prague. The food was almost always amazing, except for this lunch special Jess had:
Called a risotto, but really more of an Italian style fried rice with aged cheese on top. A bit of an unpleasant dried, dish with very little flavor. Though I would like to point out that we saw this style of "risotto" in several restaurants around Prague, so I think it's just a Czech version of Italian food. Definitely no resemblance to Italian risotto. Actually, although I think everything is tasty, Jess did not like the very dry rice. She drank a whole half liter of beer to get through the dish. She ended up asking me to drizzle some of my pork fat on the rice! But that pork fat was MINE! Nom nom nom nom nom.


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