Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bosner Eck!

In Linz I found a new favorite street food, the Bosner! A Bosner is a roasted German Bratwurst, sauteed onions, ketchup and a good dusting of currypowder, served in a toasted hot bun.
In Austria there are these little shacks all over the place selling Bosners as well as hamburgers, fried hot dogs etc. But these are the best.

That's right they shove two bratwurst in there! These are long skinny ones that are very well made, although I still think they can't compete with a Johnsonville beer brat (I get no money from the Johnsonville people, I just love their brats)

Here is one of my favorite porn shots showing the currypowder all over the brat.

Maybe when I go back to the states I'll make my own Bosner, I'm pretty sure I can't get a good bratwurst in Bangkok, so I won't even try. But hey if the Johnsonville beer brat people want to send me some brats, wink wink nudge nudge, that would be great.


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