Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet sweet České Budějovice

Once again thanks go to Lukaš for showing us his sweet tooth in the form of a wonderful bakery in České Budějovice. He ordered a Sacher torte, his favorite which is a copy of the world famous Sacher Torte from Vienna. It's a chocolate sponge cake covered in a layer of chocolate with a layer of apricot marmalade on the inside.

Supposedly it was invented by order of Prince Metternich. The head cook had taken ill and the task of creating a special dessert for arriving dignitaries fell to Franz Sacher, his 16 year old apprentice. Thus was born the Sacher cake.

I had a honey mousse cake. It was layered with crushed nuts between honey flavored mousse. It was very light and delicate.

Jessie had a banana chocolate cake mousse....tarte... thing. It's hard translating czech. Basically it was a chocolate sponge cake with bananas layered on top with a mouse over them, then the whole thing is covered in a thin layer of good chocolate. Yum.

Lucas was full of interesting stories and showed us a pretty amazing time in České Budějovice. Thanks again buddy!


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