Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Jessie has a bit of a problem, she loves McDonalds coffee and sometimes just needs it in the morning. But then I get to try weird McDonalds breakfast items from around the world. Including this pumpkin seed studded bun on a breakfast sandwich.

Basically this specialty from Austria tasted just like a leafy hamburger with cheese, except instead of a hamburger patty they just swapped in a sausage patty. Also it had giant pumpkin seeds on the outside... kind of randomly... It wasn't special bread, it still tasted like a the regular old sweet white bread bun, just with giant seeds on it.

Now this is a little more special. McD's Chicken Porridge! A specialty item in Thailand, it's basically a pretty decent rice porridge, the rather loose and chunky type rather then the smooth paste kind(my Chinese folk will understand these comments) made by cooking rice in an excess of chicken broth until the rice is soft and a little mushy.

Then it's topped with fried chicken and fresh cilantro. Also all McDonalds in Asia seems to offer whole pieces of fried chicken as a regular dish.Tasty...yeah. Healthy? probably more healthy then most of McDonalds Breakfasts, but not by much. I really liked it when I added the Chili sauce they have in the ketchup dispensers here.

All over some interesting things, the only thing I miss is McDonalds biscuits, no where in Europe or Asia have I found a McD that has biscuits, it's English muffins or strange pumpkin studded hamburger buns.(is it me or do they look kind of like cockroaches crawling over the bun?)

Anywhoo, I think they should bring McD's Chicken Porridge to the states... at least I would eat it.


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  1. McPorridge sounds good to me. :) Mom and dad took me to a Chinese breakfast place in (of all places) Hilldale mall a few weeks ago when I was home. The fish congee was pretty good. Can't wait to hear about the real Thai food!