Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chinese are GIANTS

I spent the majority of my time in Shanghai, where they keep all of the Giant Chinese People (GCP).

In 2 weeks I saw more then a dozen women (17.2 metric women) who were all over 6 foot (183 metric inches.) I also learned how to speak metric in China!

The fact is that younger people in China are growing at an alarming rate, statistics I just made up project them to be averaging well over 8 feet in just 2 decades (242.8 Metric inches in 27.9 metric years). Some people think this is due to the richer diet provided by China's growing economy.

With dishes like this they might just be right. This is famous Chairman Mao's favorite dish (He's famous for being on all the money in China.)

Chairman Mao's favorite dish!

Basically this is 1.5" (3.8 Metric inches) thick pieces of bacon simmered in sugar, ginger, and soy sauce until it's succulent and just dissolves in your mouth. It doesn't just look like it's 80% fat... it is 80% fat (96 metric percent(out of 120). With this kind of culinary atomic power, how can we Americans compete? I'll tell you how... 

The KFC Double Down
We will soon be wider then they are tall.

This last dish was something of an enigma, I never got a straight answer about what it is, and even mom didn't recognize it!
Broiled Pork Belly

It was definitely fatty pork, and it was definitely subjected to some high heat. This particular version had a distinct peanut flavor. I think it was brushed with peanut butter before it was broiled. It's absolutely delicious. Fatty, porky, sweet and peanut buttery all at once. I would definitely get this again... then a double bypass(1 3/4 metric bypasses), then get this again.


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