Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ancient Chinese Secret

What is the ancient Chinese secret?

Grilled Oyster with Garlic.
Start with a live oyster, scallop, etc. Open and insert cellophane(bean thread) noodles, and cover in a pureed Garlic sauce. Grill over charcoal.

Wow. just just... wow. The garlic caramelizes in it's own juices turning this glorious golden color and becomes sweet and smokey. No one would tell me what was in the sauce other then garlic. I guess thats why it's an ancient Chinese secret. I think it must be minced garlic and ginger with some oil. Fear not, I will be doing some experimenting and perfecting this, anyone want to come over?

Grilled Razor clams with garlic sauce and Black bean sauce. 
The Razor Clams on the left have the same amazing garlic sauce. The ones on the right have a garlicky black bean sauce, slightly sweeter and almost as great.

The real key is the cellophane noodles which form a base and hold on to all of that amazing rich saucy goodness.

Give me MOOOORE!
At this point I don't even know a what these were, slightly more rubbery, and sliced to make them more chewable. but once it's covered in that amazing sauce well... who cares what it is. I filled an old sneaker with this sauce grilled it and all of my partygoers LOVED the walking tacos.

Walking Taco
- Nom!

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