Friday, July 11, 2014

Eggplant stuffed with Jesus.

I... like eggplant. It's you know... a good filler. It can bulk up a stir fry or ratatouille nicely. Baba ghanoush is tasty if not something that I crave.

I mean this guy is pretty cool.
Huggable Eggplant
He's even got his own Cartoon along with this guy!
Saucy Daikon!
Check out their hilarious hijinx at Thanks Kantackistan!

What I'm trying to say is, unless a eggplant is trying to hug me I couldn't really get excited about eggplant.

This dish showed me how exciting eggplant could be.

 Eggplant Stuffed with pork

That has to be cheating right? If you stuff a sock with meatballs like this I would probably enjoy it. But it's more then that. The thin Chinese eggplant make the perfect braising vessel for the tender pork. It gives up juices and pulls in the sumptuous sauce and porky goodness.

While the pork is delicately braising in the eggplant's juices, the eggplant is slowly confit-ing in the fat from the pork to yield the most heavenly flavored and textured eggplant you have ever tasted. The only way this doesn't melt into a pool of heavenly goo is the eggplant skin, which is cut to just leave enough structural integrity so you can pick it up with chopsticks and drop it all over your nice new shirt on the way to you mouth.

I ate them everywhere.

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