Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Workplace Cafeterias: China

Would you like to see a workplace cafeteria in Shanghai?

This costs less then $5 at a Cafeteria in the heart of Shanghai's industrial district. A whole steamed fish, soup, a plate of steamed greens, a plate of noodles and of course rice.

Not too bad is it? Because I was working China, this was a pretty common lunch stop. Here is an image of my co-workers lunch tray from the same, day, as you can see there are definitely more options out there.

Roasted Duck, mushroom stir fry, everything is cooked fresh on site.

Why don't we all have work cafeteria's that are this focused on making simple food from scratch?

American Cafeteria Lunch
Let me ask you, Which would you rather have? Canned corn, Canned peas.... Weird orange stuff, and a frozen burger... Or roasted duck, stir fries, and a whole steamed fish.

Blech, I hope at least my answer is obvious.


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