Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Restaurant Review: Honeypie (Milwaukee)


I'm a terrible photographer, I'll admit that upfront. I  get so excited about a tantalizing plate of food that appears in front of me that I'm scraping the plate clean before I grab my phone with greasy fingers... I'm not necessarily a bad photographer, I'm a bad taker of pictures, and a bad photographer.

This happened to me a Honeypie. I have took no pictures of the food I ate. I am a failure both as a food blogger and as an Asian person.

Honeypie is in the Bayview neighborhood of Milwaukee. I went for pie, but got so much more then that.

We went for brunch, and by the time we got sat and ordered, we were all starving. In true, "I'm an adult now" fashion we ordered pie first. I got a strawberry pie and Mike got a peach pie. Both came topped with an absolutely outrageous crumble and had an amazing fruit filling.

Stolen from Yelp:
Totally stolen from Ariel W. on yelp.

However... I'm sorry Honeypie, but there is a big however on the crusts. The crusts were overworked. There are two main issues which can cause them to become tough. Adding too much water and overworking the crusts. When this happens the flour breaks down to form long chain glutens. This is great for bread, but not so great for delicate pastries. I would guess because of the huge number of pies that Honeypie's makes they have to use a large hobart or other industrial mixer to make their dough, it's the sad byproduct of success.

Also the crust was barely a flake on the bottom of the pan. An infinitesimally thin sheet which makes it barely even pie. The only substantial bit of crust was the crimped edges.  If everything inside the pies weren't so phenomenal...

I also ordered the breakfast fries which is home potatoes with pulled pork, cheese sauce, jalapeños, and a fried egg.
Stolen from Craig B on Yelp.

First of all it came with a PILE of pulled pork right in the middle of the plate. This was amazing pulled pork by the way. Absolutely falling apart, tender and succulent. Plus, a hint of... beer? Yes, apparently they toss the pulled pork with PBR right before they plate it.

AMAZING. I have braised a lot of meats in beer and you get some amazing flavors but this tasted like a freshly cracked beer. The pairing with the pulled pork was mindblowingly good! Pork and Beer, beer and pork. I need to write a song about this pulled pork!

We also split an order of corn muffins which come with preserves and butter. But not just any butter. Butter that has been whipped with bourbon and orange liquor. It's like a honey butter, but so so much better!

It's Honeypie's interesting combinations of food and alcohol which really captured my attention on this visit. I will most definitely be back and am very excited about it!

Awwww YIS.
Strawberry pie
Cost: $$
Rating <} <} <} <} Four pieces of pie! (but the pie only gets <} <} two pieces of pie)

Honeypie Website

2643 S. Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207
(414) 489-PIES (7437)

M - F 10am - 10pm
Saturday 9am - 10pm
Sunday 9am - 9pm


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