Friday, September 19, 2014

Szechuan Frog Legs

Szechuan Frog Legs are actually a very popular and common dish in Shanghai

This, along with all great Szechuan food starts with Szechuan peppercorns.

These and other hotter chilies are fried in oil to make chili oil. They add a strong broth and cook various vegetables in this hellbroth of incredibly hot pepper oil and numbing flavor bombs of peppercorns. Last goes in the frog, which just cooks through when it's served. The frog legs are so ridiculously tender and have soaked just perfectly in that Chili oil.... mmm I'm making myself hungry now! Eating Szechuan Chili Frog is like eating clouds with bones in them.

In China meats and fish are cooked and served on the bone. Each piece of meat is small enough to be handled with chopsticks and be a good bite size. In polite society you put the whole thing in your mouth and use your dexterous tongue and teeth to strip all of the meat off of the bones without using your fingers. Then the bones are removed with a chopstick or a few fingers and placed on a plate in front of you. 


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