Friday, November 7, 2014

Madison's 5 Best Burger's

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Here is my list of Madison's Best Burgers! First off I have immediately taken any chains off of the list, Culver's, Five Guys, AJ bombers etc. all make amazing burgers, but we are looking for Madison exclusives!

Number 5 Dottie's Dumpling's Dowry: The Melting Pot / $8.89

Cheddar, Swiss, and provolone make this a true Wisconsin Burger. Combining all the cheese, Jones Farm Bacon, and Dottie's English Garlic Sauce makes this a perennial favorite. What more can you ask for then a ton a cheese and bacon on a burger? This burger makes me forget about how much "better" Dottie's was when I was a kid and they were in their old location.

Number 4 Brasserie V: the V Burger / $11

Fountain Prairie Farm Dry Aged Beef, onion straws, muenster cheese, spinach, and aioli. This is a great high end burger served on sliced bread from Madison Sourdough. Every ingredient is well sourced and well prepared. The burger itself is a 6 oz. patty which doesn't fit perfectly in the bread but has so many other tasty ingredients that every bite is a pleasure. Pair this with one of Brasserie V's 1.75 billion beers and your night is made!

Number 3 The Old Fashioned: #30 / $9.95

Simply known as the #30 this burger is anything but simple. Local Ground beef grilled and topped with onion straws, Bavaria’s bacon, aged Cheddar, garlic sauce and, jewel upon jewels, a soft-cooked egg. It's really the egg which sets this burger apart from all of the rest. A burst of rich yellow goodness runs out of this burger all over your hands and plate at the first bite. Then it's a wresting match to get it all into your mouth before it disintegrates into a burger heaven and you have to look like heathen licking your plate clean... because it's that good.

Number 2 Graze: The Graze Burger / $21

Yes I didn't mistype that, twenty one dollars for a burger in Madison. There is some cause for the price. Rather then the usual ground round, rump and chuck which make up 99% of the burgers in the world, this burger is ground from some of the finest cuts on the cow. Their patty is a mixture of ribeye, sirloin, short ribs and bacon. This gives this burger an unrivaled texture and flavor. It's smothered in worchestershire - cabernet au jus, and Swiss Emmental, on a SarVecchio Parmesean brioche. I want to say more about this burger... but really I just want to list all of those amazing ingredients again.
Their burger is a mixture of ribeye, sirloin, short ribs and bacon. It's smothered in worchestershire - cabernet au jus, Swiss Emmental, on a SarVecchio Parmesean Brioche. NOM NOM NOM.

Number 1 The Weary Traveler: Bob's Bad Breath Burger / $10.75-

8 oz of Lange Farms organic Wisconsin beef with cream cheese, green goddess dressing, caramelized onions, garlic, tomatoes and Pickapeppa Sauce. This nearly gets the top spot just from it's name. But this is the best burger in Madison because it is absolutely unique and amazing. The cream cheese melts into the bun and the burger to give a fabulous richness and an otherworldly texture which can't come from any other cheese. The garlic, onions, and dressing all pack a whollop of flavor which cannot be matched. Everything just melds together until this burger has evolved into a whole other thing. This is the next stage of burger evolution. But be warned. If you get this on a date... you better be darn sure your date does as well!


  1. Though I might slightly alter the order, I am very glad to say that I have tried all of the above and completely agree that they should comprise the top five. Well done (or medium rare in my case)!

    1. Medium rare is the only way to live. Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks for including us. We're honored to be part of such a tasty list!