Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Cuban Sandwich

This is my new favorite sandwich! It's roasted turkey and ham over Swiss, with mustard and mojo sauce. I use muffaletta, an olive spread to replace the pickle, that isn't original but it is amazingly tasty.

Mojo sauce is a Cuban sauce which combines garlic, olive oil, and citrus juice. This is a very common collection of flavors throughout the Caribbean. A similar sauce is often used to marinate the roasted pork in a traditional Cuban. Living in the north I have found it very difficult to find a good Cuban sandwich. The only choice we have is to make one yourself! The Mojo I use is mixed into mayo for spreadability.

The typical Cuban sandwich uses Swiss cheese; if I'm feeling particularly saucy I'll replace the Swiss cheese with Gruyere which is another Swiss Cheeses. That will give the sandwich a deep nuttier flavor. Gruyere has a similar sour twang but is much more complex and layered in flavor.

Both the insides and the outsides of the bread are toasted in a pan with butter for texture and crunch. The meats are all quickly pan heated to warm them, then layered over the cheese. You have to use a weight or a sandwich press to properly squish the sandwich. I use a pie plate with some weight added.

This is absolutely a must try sandwich. But once you've gone mojo, you might never come back.

Cuban roll or a baguette in a pinch.
2 oz Sliced ham
2 oz Roasted turkey cut into bite size pieces
3oz Swiss cheese
1 T Muffaletta olive spread.`
Spread of dijon mustard
Spread of mojo

Mojo recipe:
 - 1/4 C mayo
 - 1 T olive oil
 - 2 t Chopped Cilantro
 - Juice from half of a lime
 - 2 cloves of garlic smashed and minced.

Toast the inside of the roll in a frying pan with butter. Then heat the meats in the pan. Spread the mojo and mustard onto the toasted bread. Layer the cheese, and then pile on the hot turkey and ham. Top the sandwich with the muffaletta and cook in a panini press or with butter in a frying pan with weight on top of the sandwich, you need a good 5 lbs of weight to flatten the sandwich. Cook on both sides with butter like a grilled cheese.


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