Friday, February 27, 2015

Street food in the Third World

I've been all over the globe, in many places where street food is common, water is not sanitary and the river is as good a source as any for cleaning your vegetables, plates and bowls. Myanmar, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, and many more places around the globe, when eating on the street or even in restaurants can give you a bit of a bellyache.

They call it traveler's diarrhea, Montezuma's revenge, or Myanmar belly. If you are sensitive, in poor health or have a compromised immune system it can be dangerous. If you have a strong stomach, are willing to endure a little discomfort and have health insurance, street food is well worth it. The other benefit is usually if you are eating like the locals eat, you only get sick the first time then gain a bit of immunity.

My policy is I will eat anything that is hot or boiling. If you grilled it or boiled it in soup I'll eat it. That is my policy... unless it looks really tasty, then I'll just have a little bit. Or if it'll make a really good story then I'll take one.

No one has ever been poisoned by something on a stick have they?

1 o'clock in the morning various pig offal? Sounds like a great idea! From left to right that is, Small intestine, large intestine, tongue, liver and ear.  The liquid in front is a boiling pool of broth, soy, fish sauce, and deliciousness. See it's sort of hygienic; you dip your skewers into the broth before you eat them!

As long as you have some good company to eat it with!

I did promise to make you internet famous!

Thanks for the tour of the Yangon nightlife Ly Sean!

I always keep an open mind and an open stomach wherever I am. If you aren't willing to try everything you'll never really get to hang with the locals.

Hey look at this delicious pastry I found sitting on the table! Must be time for afternoon tea! Filled with onion and.... meat!

Braised Yak Penis in Soup! It's in soup it's got to be sterile! Ba dum Tiss!

My best advice for eating offal, street food, snacks, treats, and national dishes anywhere in the world... Do it, and do it with gusto, you never know when you're about to discover a new favorite dish or make a new friend. Never waste your hunger, and never... never trust a fart.


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