Monday, March 23, 2015

I REALLY love lamb

Chinese BBQ is a wonderful and amazing thing. Especially when lamb is involved! Would we like a whole leg of lamb? Yes please! This is an incredible restaurant in Shanghai.

They brought out this giant contraption with coals in the bottom, grilled lamb on skewers, and comically long forks and knives to slice chunks off with. You eat the lamb dipped into a spicy powder that is flavored with Szechuan flower peppers and cumin.

Of course it doesn't stop there. There are so many more things to eat grilled! 

Giant shell things filled with noodles and garlic.

Apparently Aussies aren't the only ones who enjoy a good shrimp on the barbie! 

I love little oily fishes like these, they have so much flavor. This one was split down the middle, salted and grilled.

The lamb was tasty right to the last bone! 

This was a great meal, if you get to China, having a proper Chinese BBQ meal is an absolute must! Washed down with copious amounts of local beer, there are few better ways to bond with another culture. Fire, meat and beer are the most elemental and deeply shared parts of human culture. 

Sorry I'm not sorry vegans.


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