Friday, June 18, 2010

God save the Thomas Keller: Bouchon

MMM Max likes Thomas Keller. French Laundry GOOOOD.. Ad Hoc GOOOD. Yum yum Bouchon! Thomas Keller food without the six month wait(technically since I new someone who knew the reservation girl, I didn't have to wait at all for The French Laundry but I don't want to brag... Wait no I am totally bragging, don't you wish you were me?) Anywhoo, I went to bouchon bakery in NYC. Well... to be totally honest I had to go back the next day too... and well I had to take my sister there right? SOOO maybe I went to Bouchon three times in a week OK? Nothing wrong with that! Right?


This is a Pain au Trois (bread of three(three chocolates that is)). Basically chocolate puff pastry, stuffed with chocolate gonache drizzled with chocolate. This was Jessie's favorite. Go figure a woman who loves chocolate... now that's something to blog about.


This was my favorite a pecan sticky bun the size of my head, ooey gooey goodness so top heavy with pecans it would topple in a stong breeze. Layers of buttery dough not quite caramelized sugar syrup running through the whole thing... this is Heaven people!

Focaccia bread toasted with tons of butter on top coated in some amazing creamy cheese(goat?) then topped with amazing crispy bacon heated to order. This was pretty awesome but not as awesome as the Wagyu beef sandwich(not pictured as I ate it too quickly to film or see with the naked eye) P.S. The milk they use is GAF Seelig milk, im not sure if they get the butter from there too but the taste of the butter in the pastries really comes through. Basically I want his butter guy. I also tried a Croissant. While I have tasted better baked croissant(I like the really high heat well browned croissant) I have never tasted a better butter used for a croissant.


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