Saturday, June 19, 2010

Peking Duck House!

Welcome to part one of the peking duck feast, The peking duck. This was at the Peking Duck House in chinatown 28 Mott St. NYC

I would rate this peking duck at about a 9 on the standard scale to 12. The skin was a little tough rather then the melt in your mouth crispy that I have come to expect in San Francisco but the meat tasted great and the fixings included cucumber in addition to the standard spring onions.

All in all not the best duck I've ever had but it was free(thanks Sis) so who am I to complain? What is that you say? I always find something to complain about food? No, no it's all just constructive criticism.

The rest of the meal was awesome. I love NYC chinese food more then San Francisco Chinese food even though in SF it is supposed to be more "authentic" but the heavier darker more flavorful sauces are really phenomenal in NYC. I guess I'll just have to tour around china for the final vote... Damn, the sacrifices I make for you, the reader.


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