Saturday, June 19, 2010

Berlin's snacks

So we've been in Berlin a little under a week. This is just a few little tasty tidbits that I have had in Berlin!

This is a go-to snack that I have in the fridge. Leberwurst(liverwurst) with cornichon(tiny french pickles) on some brot(bread). Sure you can get liverwurst and cornichon in the states but shit I got a huge jar of Cornichon(79c) and a half a tube(yes it comes in tubular sausagelike plastic) of liverwurst(1.29) for under 2 euro. This is like 10 meals for 2 Euro. Berlin is one cheap city. Yumm I love liverwurst. It's basically just German Pâté. Maybe the germans are just worse at marketing then the french. Liverwurst is cheap and Pâté is very expensive.

Another thing about german food. Hühn is chicken the animal Hühnerfleisch is chicken the meat. Schwein is pig and pork is Schweinefleisch. The meat is all named Chicken flesh and pork flesh and human flesh. I think the German food might be bigger around the world with some better marketing.

Turkish market!
These I got from the turkish market. I really can't resist any cultures version of doughnuts. These were pretty awesome. They looked a lot like a churro but the dough is a lot more gummy. they maintained a nice crispyness even though they were throughly soaked in a simple syrup of sugary caramel-y goodness. I couldn't just eat one. I had to eat them all. Jessie had a few and decided they were too sweet. I managed to pass up the Turkish delight which I have sampled in the past... but I can feel it pulling me back to the market next Tuesday. I don't really understand how they managed to keep the dough so hard and crispy while the whole thing is soaked in sugar syrup. But, more power to the Turks!


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