Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cooking from home: Jessie's signature omelet

Always a delicious Saturday morning treat. My girlfriend makes an interesting extremely fresh omelet by cooking the filling and the eggs separately and all in delicious delicious BUTTER! The fillings always include, but are not limited to red bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and cilantro. Occasionally additions of bacon(as occasionally as I can get her to), sausage, cheese, green onions, or any fresh veggie we can find at the farmer’s market.

This time I made my own fire-roasted red pepper:
All the non-egg ingredients except the cheese are cooked in a skillet with butter just long enough for the onions to start wilting and the garlic to sizzle. The cilantro is added last to maintain its freshness. This is a very light cooking to warm the ingredients and start to meld the flavors, but we want to maintain the freshness of the vegetables, by not overcrowding the pan and cooking on high for just 5-7 minutes.

Beat 3 eggs in a bowl with a Tablespoon of milk properly salted and peppered. This is important, beat the crap out of the egg and make sure there are no little bits of egg white still floating around unincorporated. Add it to a buttered frying pan on medium heat. Allow the egg to spread out on the pan and wait. DON’T TOUCH! Allow the egg to form into an even disk and harden on the top. Once the top has firmed into a solid disk, flip the egg either with a spatula or(if you are brave) toss the egg into the air with a little flick of the wrist and catch it with your pan. You either need to be well practiced or have lots of extra eggs to perfect this method….. and maybe a maid or “Assistant” to clean up afterwards? Honey? Can you grab that? Honey?

Umm I’m sure she’ll get that in a minute, now with a fresh egg patty just plate it and add your(still warm) mixture to half of the eggs and fold over. Now would be the time to drop some grated cheese on top, maybe a sprig of fresh cilantro or two. Viola. Amazingly delicious.


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