Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last Czech meal I swear.

We were visiting Hluboka castle outside of Ceske Budejovice (The real Budweiser's hometown) and we found a little pub/lunch place on the outskirts. It only had 2 meal choices every day of the week. Jess and I got both dishes and we're quite pleased.

The first was good baked ham served with Zeli, houskove knedliky, karlovarský knedlíky (gnocchi dumplings) and some boiled potatoes. Good traditional and filling dish.

The other dish was a baked casserole, with chunks of ham, potatoes, onions, a really easy bake to make, and a very easy bake to eat. This was actually my more favorite of the meals. Simple, and really this is cooking from anywhere in the western world.

Last but not least, holy crap is that my dad? Are we Czech? You have always said we were German and yet here I find your long lost twin brother! Good meal and probably my favorite beer of the the Czech Republic, Svijany this was unpasteurized beer at it's very oldest, it was almost thick with yeast and tasted like drinking bread dough. I loved it but I think Czech Budweiser is still her favorite.


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