Saturday, August 28, 2010

U sadu, creepy babies and venison sausage.

We were by the baby tower in Prague; this is a supremely ugly TV tower that dominates a lot of the views around Prague. When you get closer you realize it's covered in a horde of Honda-sized babies crawling all over it's surface.

When you get closer it gets even creepier, as every baby doesn't have a face, but rather a flat spot that just holds a bar code... David Cerny is one strange dude, but he has some awesome art.

We were somehow still quite hungry and we found a little place called U Sadu that we had read about online. It was in the Žižkov(Jzijkov) neighborhood of Prague, which ended up being one of my favorite parts of the city. Tiny streets and a lot of very small shops, also the worst pho we have ever had. Literally later on that week we bought some Pho instant noodles that both of us agreed were far and away superior to the pho we had in Žižkov.

Anyways, back to the traditional Czech food. I can't believe you are still there. Seriously, I've written more then a half dozen posts about Czech food, and you're still there? You must really like me, or your job must really suck. Anywhoo, Im glad you stuck it through to this point.

Jessie ordered a venison sausage. That's right, they butchered bambi's mom. This thing was a freaking behemoth. Put down the foot long, cause this thing makes it look like an anemic dwarf. It was tasty, but to be honest, venison sausage is a lot like any other kind of sausage, once you mix it with extra fat, season the crap out of it, stuff it in a piece of intestine, smoke it and then fry it... Well it pretty much just tastes like sausage. This place doesn't use freshly grated horseradish, instead you get a pile of mushy blended horseradish.

I had the chicken stuffed Bramboraky which is basically a potato pancake wrapped around a good helping of chicken meat which is then fried. Luckily for me it came with a generous side of salad, with actual real vegetables! Maybe you have noticed, but there really aren't very many fresh vegetables in the Czech Republic. It's just not a big part of their cuisine. I have to say... after three weeks of that, I was really craving some nice fresh vegetables.
And more then what was on this little plate. (I know my mom is shocked, SHOCKED to hear this)


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