Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wild mushrooms

We stayed with Lukaš a couchsurfer in České Budějovice. He had just gotten back from a fishing trip with his dad, they didn't catch any fish, but instead a got a prize of wild mushrooms.

We were getting ready for bed and he told us that he had to go cut and dry the mushrooms so we offered to help him. He had his misgivings at first and when we went in to help him he actually said "I can't believe two Americans are helping me cut mushrooms". Apparently it was his least favorite kitchen task. We had fun cutting them and laying them out on screens to dry.

There were all sorts of mushrooms we cut. I didn't know any of their names and Lukaš had a hard time translating them. Because the names wouldn't translate directly into an American name.

Actually we ended up with some pretty patterns naturally from the shape of the mushrooms.

All I really know is that they had a heavenly aroma and filled the house with and earthy mushroomy scent the whole time we were there. I couldn't help but linger over the huge screens and breathe deeply.

Thanks for letting us stay with you Lukaš. I'm glad we could help you cut and dry some mushrooms.

Apparently mushroom hunting is a national past time in the Czeck Republic, and we say many people hauling around large baskets of wild caught mushrooms. Makes me want to buy a mycology book and go hunting myself!


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