Friday, October 22, 2010


This dish actually is a Bosnian treat rather then a Croatian one, but it's extremely popular here in Croatia and everyone suggested we try it.

Jessie did some research and found Cvjetno, a little shack on the outskirts of Zagreb that was supposed to have the best Ćevapčići around. Well, they pretty much have to since Ćevapčići is the only thing on the menu.

Ćevapčići is basically an uncased sausage made of lamb and beef cooked on a grill with bread (Lepinja) on top to soak up the juices.

Finding this place was a bit of a trial. We took a trolley for almost 45 minutes to the boondocks, then once we found the right street, it ended as a dead end in a park 2 house numbers shy of our address.

Eventually we walked around and talked to some other businesses in the area who were just as baffled by the address as we were. They wanted us to stay and try their Ćevapčići but Jessie fibbed and told them some friends had suggested this other place and we really wanted to find it. Finally they said there is a place for really good Ćevapčići in the parking lot behind their building. So behind building 15 away from the street we found number 21a.

We got the šiš Ćevapčići (Shish Che-vap-chi-chi), which are a little bigger and cooked on a wooden skewer and served in a set of three on a big piece of bread.

They are heavily seasoned and heavily greasy sausages, something I usually love. The bread had soaked up a lot of the grease in the cooking, so it was also pretty oily, again something I often love. It was just too much, it needed something. A Yogurt sauce, vinegar, any kind of acid to help break up all the grease. But there was nothing but bread, sausage, and some raw onions.

It was really a tasty meal, but just too much of it (Jessie didn't finish hers.) I really would have loved this with some tomatoes, lettuce and a yogurt cucumber sauce.... hmm I think I just invented a Gyro...

After we met some Croatian people who grew up in Zagreb they all agreed that was one of the best places for Ćevapčići in the city. :-/


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