Monday, October 18, 2010

Go to Croatia for true wiener schnitzel

After searching through Germany and Austria for a wiener schnitzel actually made out of little baby cows. Veal is apparently very difficult to get in Germany.

However in Croatia, I finally found my veal schnitzel. It was at a way-too-fancy-for-us restaurant we stumbled into for lunch. Jessie hadn't slept at all the night before in Salzburg due to our single room with a single pillow and single towel (Salzburg is very expensive during the world famous Salzburg Festspiele which we had no idea was climaxing that night) So, tired and blurry eyed we went to a fancy restaurant for lunch more because it was the first place we saw then anything else. Luckily Jessie hadn't mastered the conversion rate and was not too freaked out by spending 25 dollars on lunch.

Everything was served in the very old world 50's style where everything came wheeled out on a cart on silver platters. Once the platters are on the table we would serve the food to our plates. This was something I had never experienced before. It seemed like forced austerity and made me vaguely uncomfortable... I guess I shall never have "servants."

First we started with a simple soup of rice, vegetables and eggs. Tasty, well-made broth, but the vegetables were a touch overcooked. This soup made for this type of service, it tasted like the 50's. Sterile, in no way unpleasant, but more style then substance. It seemed like more thought went into the marketing then the recipe. It looked good on paper, though didn't have any character.

As Jessie said, "This is one soup that didn't think outside the can."

I ordered a well made Wiener Schnitzel. Again served on a silver tray with some fried potatoes, they were the perfect balance of not crispy but not at all soggy that makes for the most boring food writing.

Jessie ordered a bean stew with Dalmatian ham. The ham was incredibly incredibly salty. It tasted like a smoked salt lick. Though the stew was hardly salted at all, when you ate it together with the overly salted ham, it became as inedible as the ham.

The meal was merely passable, but the experience is one I'll remember for a lifetime.


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