Saturday, December 11, 2010

Farm Fresh is SOOO passé

I love the markets in Zagreb. They are long lines of wooden tables that everyone's grandma can come and sell the fruits of their gardens. It's almost all small tables of just locally grown produce, eggs, cheese, nuts, flowers, et cetera.

I bought some chanterelle mushrooms for about a dollar. Yes it looks to be about 2-2.5 lbs of chanterelles for a dollar. Gotta love Grandma.

I also bought some locally grown and roasted pistachios I would say there are probably about 3-4 lbs of pistachios here for, you guessed it, about a dollar. After snacking on these for a week straight I think I turned a little green myself.

We also got some beautiful Heirloom tomatoes from a really nice grandma for about dollar a pound this being something like 3-4 dollars of bigger then my fist tomatoes.

Lastly we went into the meat preparation area which was the only part that was more organized and clearly rented out on longer term basis. We met a nice butcher who gave us a taste of Dalmatian Prosciutto, and this, another delicacy from the southern province of Croatia Dalmatian Streaked Bacon, or as they called it Hamburger (I know there must be a good story there but I don't know it, maybe the butcher was just screwing with me.)

With all of these "front yard fresh" ingredients (minus the pistachios) and a some equally "front yard fresh" eggs, Jessie made a fantabulous omelet. It makes me want to swear off mere "farm fresh" anything from now on!

Here is a nice close up of the eggs, that is the good stuff, perfectly golden. Good job Jess!

Any visit to Croatia where you don't visit a fresh market is one where you don't know the true culture and wonderful people of Croatia. Plus you don't get a grandma trying to shove a bowl of fresh farmer's cheese into your nose, and that's priceless.

Apparently, when Croatia is finally a full EU member there is some possibility that these markets may be outlawed since grandma isn't a certified grower overseen by the health department and her produce might be... somehow unwholesome... Sounds like fine bureaucrats at work!


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