Sunday, December 12, 2010

Varaždin (Va-raj-din)

In Zagreb Jessie decided to meet some new people on couchsurfing even though we already had a place we were renting. We ended up meeting Sonja in Zagreb's main square, where she was meeting another couchsurfer Jan from Utah.

From left to right Sonja, Jan and Jessie

We ended up hitting it off so well we went to a festival together the next day in the town of Varaždin. Arriving accidentally at Špancirfest five hours early, we had some time to kill. We spent a nice afternoon eating Pizza at the Pizzaria Domenico a place we found by randomly hitting up strangers asking them where we should eat. It really pays to have a native speaker with you in such situations (Thanks Sonja)

I got a Quattro stagioni which literally means the four seasons implying each quarter of the pizza is a different season.

Mushroom must be Fall:

Ham must be winter.
Peppers must be summer
And this.. must be?... Seafood?

All and all it was a delicious pie with a nice wood oven baked crust and flavor.
I believe Sonja got the Pizza Margarita. Everywhere else in the world people call this a pizza margarita, in America we call it a cheese pizza.
I had always though fresh basil had something to do with pizza margarita. Apparently sesame street had taught me wrong.
Jess got the Seafood pasta cooked in a cream sauce. She has the most interesting habit of ordering heavy rich creamy pasta dishes even though she hates them, I figure she either really wants to love them or had one really good one and nothing has ever compared.

More recently (since we got back to the states). She has taken to me ordering food for her since we have decided that I know her taste better then she does. It has a sort of old world gentlemanly vibe about it. If she likes it I feel like Clark Gable, and if she doesn't like it I feel like Clark Gable.

Look who happened by our little festival, non other then the president of croatia!Ivo Josipović. He's the silver fox in the middle.


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