Friday, January 6, 2012

Sweet sweet New Orleans

Hello fans, friends, and people I forced to “follow” me. Sorry I have been remiss in updating this blog in about a million years. Working a real job is really a drag, at least when it comes to extra curricular food travel blogging!

Over Christmas and New Years Jessie and I went on a road trip to New Orleans! It’s oyster season, and the start of crawfish season which to me is plenty reason to drive 1038 miles each way!

Unfortunately Jessie made the decision not to bring the camera charging cable so we were very sparing with the photos. I have condensed this 10 day trip into a two part post Sweet and savory. Why she thought the car couldn’t handle an additional 2-3 grams of that cable the world will never know. I’m pretty sure I gained more then a few grams before we got back to Madison.

Have you ever seen a grown woman cooing to a daiquiri machine? I have. Of course I won’t publish that picture… we don’t even have a couch to sleep on.

Jessie has developed a minor daiquiri dependency. It even involved her buying a daiquiri the night before we left to save in the freezer “for the drive home” Luckily Louisiana has very lax open container in cars laws.

Jessie and I argued about the beignets at Café du monde and Café beignet, both in the French quarter. Café du monde’s came with a thick luxurious coating of powdered sugar surrounding a slightly crispy on the outside pillow that melts in your mouth. Café Beignet’s much larger heavier and doughier beignet sits like a loadstone in your belly with barely enough powdered sugar on them to get the hint of sweetness. (I bet you can guess which one was my favorite and which was Jessie’s)
On the plus side there are a plethora of little birds at the Café Beignet’s outdoor patio. These little guys gorge themselves all day long on fried dough and powdered sugar. Can you even imagine how tasty they must be? Screw Orleton! Drown this bird in brandy roast it in the oven, and throw a bag over my head so you can’t the bones crunching! Now that’s eating!
Here is our little home sweet home in New Orleans

We stayed at an amazing B&B in the garden district. The McKendrick-Breaux house. We had an excellent innkeeper in Brett and his wife Rachel. This is the wonderful porch out back that we used to enjoy the phenomenal weather and spend NYE with a big group of sky divers in town for a wedding.

Thanks for the great breakfasts and great suggestions of where to eat all around the city! It's always best to know a local.


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