Monday, June 30, 2014

Shanghai Soup Grenades

Shanghai is famous for their soup dumplings. They are really quite amazing, steamed and/or fried dumplings that are filled with napalm, pork too usually.

Don't get me wrong these are some of the most amazing dumplings in the world, and the idea of living life with a cheek that was melted away in a freak meat pocket accident has always been a dream of mine. It's all of the danger of eating Fugu (poisonous Japanese fish) without the... well without the poisonous Japanese fish.

These Shanghai Soup Dumplings were professionally diffused

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. I am a professional and have years of experience with soup grenades. The key before making the first true bite is to pierce the skin of the dumpling thus releasing the pressurized steam inside. If you do NOT do this, the dumpling will explode and spray it's thick soup everywhere. Including your face, your eyes, a little in your nose, somehow on your left freaking ear. all over your raincoat (thank god I was wearing a raincoat) Your glasses will remain smeary, oily, and disgusting until you can properly clean them with soap several hours later. 

Basically I got frosted like a Krispy Kreme.
I'm thinking about buying one of these for home use.

OK one more.

These soup dumplings served from tiny grubby windows and in the finest of restaurants
But all of them are amazingly tasty and will eat your face if you look at them wrong. My favorite kind of food. Don't be fooled, they live hard, die young and leave the tastiest corpse you have ever seen.

Dumplings Continued

Here is a bowl of dumplings I got at a little place by my hotel
Yup handmade dumplings for less the $3

This was a giant bowl filled with pork and vegetable dumplings all hand made to order. Wow, this guy is an artisan working in a tiny little shop. This is why I love Asia.

Glamour shots

These are less likely to end your life then Shanghai Soup Dumplings. And you can't beat a big bowl of dumplings. These are dumplings for a cold evening in the rain. These you can bring home to Mom. They are safe, comforting and delicious.



  1. Yum dumplings are my favorite food group! Are those brown on the bottom ones pan-fried soup dumplings?

  2. Yes they are! They start with a more of a Bao dough like they use for Cha sui Bao (BBQ pork buns) or Mantou. They dip the bottom in sesame seeds and fry them in a shallow pan of oil with a lid. The top of the bun is steamed with the water released from the frying dough. Apparently doing this well takes a lot of skill. I have only seen this cooking method performed in Shanghai.

  3. OMG that sounds amazing. Can I join next time?