Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dueling pig roasts

Classic first world problem. I had two pig roasts on the same day last weekend. What could I do? Choose? Psh, obviously you haven't been reading long.

For the first pig roast I was cooking the pig, so my morning started off at about 7:30. Toasting and grinding whole cumin, cinnamon, and star anise. Fresh ground always adds such a welcome kick. I mixed that with a bunch of turbinado (raw) sugar, garlic powder and salt.

Do she got a booty? She DOOOOOO!

Half cooked pig

Half of the spice mix was rubbed into the cavity of the pig and half was made into a mop.

What's a mop you say? It's the juice of the gods you baste the pig with while it's roasting. This particular god juice was made with those spices plus apple wine vinegar, ginger ale, Coke, water and coconut rum. That was "mopped" on every half hour or so.

The interior of the pig was stuffed with 2 granny smith apples, a few onions and 2 heads of garlic.

Ready to be rested


Always Always Always rest your meat before cutting into it. You'll immediately be able to see if you cut a piece of meat too early. It'll lose more juice then a 2 year old without a sippy cup. 

Speaking of 2 year olds there was a very demanding 2 year old girl at the roast who absolutely insisted that I take out the eye and "cut it with a knife!" Little did she know she was talking to someone who had studied glaucoma and was about to get an in-depth anatomy lesson. Take that 2 year old! The eye was pretty tasty too.

The second pig roast was good too, but they had someone else cook the pig so... You know, amateurs... who am I kidding it was delicious too. Plus they had some amazeballs home-brew IPA. made by my buddy Bart


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