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Restaurant Review: Liliana's

Welcome to my Restaurant Review corner! The first thing I think I need to make clear is that I have not taken a single free item or money from any restaurant that I have reviewed. Not that I am against it, it's just that no one has offered. Some people just don't understand good food critic service...

Liliana's is a New Orleans style restaurant in Fitchburg. See their website here: Liliana's Restaurant

Charlie's bar is named after the Chef's Son, Liliana is his daughter.

My biggest complaint is that this restaurant is not 15 paces from my house. I've implored the owner/Chef Dave Heide to move his well appointed restaurant to my remote outpost on the west side, but he politely declined. Some people just don't understand good food critic service...

On one visit for lunch when we requested the blackened catfish po' boy, we were told that they were out. Not 5 minutes later the waiter came back to tell us, the truck had arrived! Blackened catfish for all! Talk about fresh seafood...

Blackened Catfish Po' Boy

I have been to Liliana's many times over the last 2 years, it's one of the most consistent and tasty restaurants in Madison. This is one of the keys to a great restaurant: if the chef takes the night off you should never be able to tell. I have never once been disappointed in a single dish. From the hot, sweet cornbread and jalapeño butter that is served when you order, to the decadent desserts, it's all amazing and is always tastes the same each time you order it.

Things which aren't to be missed:

Oysters - it's rare in Madison to find high quality fresh oysters, I would highly suggest getting them as an appetizer.

Jambalya - This is an amazing stew of smoked sausage, tasso, blackend shrimp, Neuski's bacon, peppers, tomatoes and onions served over rice. The freshness from the tomatoes is very apparent in this tasty dish as is the deeply smoky bacon and tasso. Neuski's bacon is one of the claims to fame of Wisconsin, this heavily smoked bacon is well regarded as one of the finest bacons in the US. I may or may not have a 10 lbs box of it in my freezer right now.

Shrimp Po'Boy - Served with either blackened or fried Shrimp this is a perfect Po' boy. The bread has been nicely grilled to add a little bit of caramelized flavor, juicy shrimp are accompanied by lettuce, tomato. mayo and hot sauce. Served with the most crispy sweet potato chips you have ever tasted.

Filé Gumbo
This can be ordered either as a cup of soup or as an entrée, and either way it's amazing. The smoky flavors from the dark roux and wonderful file spice sing through this Cajun staple. Gumbo can easily become too muddled and lose all of it's freshness in the cooking process. the addition of corn to this gumbo keeps it fresher and complements the filé spice perfectly.

Because, wine not?
Remember I have never been compensated for any restaurant review in free food, fast cars or even cold hard cash.  Some people just don't understand good food critic service... Maybe I should post a link to pay pal...

Cost: $$
Rating: $$ hm? hm? (Two dollar signs and two hm?'s)

2951 Triverton Pike Drive
Fitchburg, WI 53711

(608) 442-4444

11am - 9pm
11am - 10pm



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