Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Love Lamb!

Welcome back to China. Where the lamb tastes like lamb!

This is honestly one of my favorite things to eat in China. Whole grilled lamb ribs. They are gamey and fatty and lightly spiced with Cumin. Served on a bed of Cilantro.

Now I've lost some of you, I can see it in what I imagine your face to look like when I say this to you... Sorry I appear to be a little meat-drunk.

Until I was 18 years old it made me physically sick to smell cilantro, let alone taste it. It was horrible metallic and cloying. My mom was the same way. When she was younger than 18 it was inedible. Then when we each turned 18, suddenly couldn't get enough cilantro. We love it and want to put it in everything! I wonder how common this is, I've heard other people mention just how much they used to hate cilantro and how much they now love it.

American lamb is not very lamb-y. They have managed to breed/feed out all of the flavor. For most people this is great. I like American lamb, but I LOVE Chinese and New Zealand lamb. The flavor is deeper, grassier and just so much more pungent. Give it a shot, if you have the opportunity to try New Zealand lamb - There used to be 3 million people in new Zealand and 60 million sheep. New Zealand also does about 50% of the international trade in Lamb. However the current ratio of sheep to people is a much less interesting 7:1.


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