Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Montreal Part 2: French Picnics!

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The French Picnic

This is the way to live. There is no lunch better then a great French lunch in the park, great bread, great cheese and some nuts and fruits. This is hands down the best way to lunch!

We went to the Atwater market and bought a bunch of little delicacies and a bunch of amazing freshly baked bread. Then we took our haul to a picnic bench on the side of a beautiful canal on a running path and ate lunch.

Of course we had some Mousse de Fois, this is suckling pig liver mousse. Absolutely the most delicate and light mousse I have ever had! The piglets are raised only on mother's milk until they are ready for harvest, you get incredibly rich and tasty piglet this way!

Look at that spread. We got a couple of Baguette au Levain and an olive bread from Premier Moisson an incredible French bakery in the market. I also picked up a couple of absolutely buttery croissants to share for dessert.

From La Fromagerie Atwater, there were three incredible cheeses:

A French cheese called Epoisses Berthaut, A 5 week aged old raw milk slightly stinky soft cheese with a rind which is washed in Burgundy Marc, an Grappa like alcohol from the region the cheese is made in. It was delicious and absolutely full of flavor with the creamy texture from a heavy cream cheese.

I also got a flaky Quebecois Blue cheese called Blue d'Elizabeth. It's a powerful blue with a great flavor from Fromagerie du Presbytère. It's cultured with Penicillium roqueforti which gives it both the deep and piquant flavor of an incredible Roquefort. If you like blue cheese, it's so very worth your time to try this incredible cheese.

The last cheese was a local Cheddar Frais Du Jour from St Guillaume. Basically this is cheddar cheese curds which were pressed into a wheel that day. It crumbles exactly like cheese curds and still has the squeeky texture of a great cheese curd.

To go with the cheeses of course we had some tasty berries. These were the smallest and most flavorful blueberries I have ever tasted in my life! Freshly toasted almonds, incredibly flavorful raspberries, and strawberries! Everything was local and just perfectly fresh!

And of course as all great French meals should be it was shared with a couple of beautiful women

Life is good.


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