Monday, November 3, 2014

Black Earth Meats/Conscious Carnivore

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I'm doing a special post for my butcher's Kickstarter, (you have to have a good relationship with your butcher.) You may or may not have heard about the issues Black Earth Meats had with the city of Black Earth. Unfortunately due to a few loud people who raised a stink, the Black Earth City Council ended up declaring BEM a public nuisance. This has since been overturned by the Dane County Circuit Court who declared that they had done nothing constituting a nuisance. However in the interim months the bank called their business loans due basically making it impossible to continue business. Since then Black Earth Meats has closed its doors.

This is a huge blow for the local, organic, humane and antibiotic free meat community in the Midwest. Black Earth Meats was quickly growing into one of the largest suppliers of humanely raised and humanely slaughtered pigs, cows and poultry. Black Earth Meats supplied all of the pork and beef for The Conscious Carnivore as well as for dozens of the best restaurants from Madison to Chicago.

Currently they are running a Kickstarter to purchase their butchery equipment back from the bank to be able to continue a smaller Madison butchering (non-slaughtering) operation and continue to supply meat to The Conscious Carnivore. Check it out, they have a lot of cool thank you gifts for donating to their cause. They have to raise $225,000 to purchase all of their equipment back from the Bank to continue supplying meat.

Everyone, check out their Kickstarter, donate some money, help support an absolutely amazing local business and lets get some flavor back into our meat!

Click Kickstarter to link to their Kickstarter Page!


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