Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Egg Rolls

This is a utility leftover maneuver. I keep spring roll wrappers in the freezer ready to go for just such opportunities. This dish has nothing to do with Asian food beyond the wrapper that we are using. They provide the usual mushy leftovers from a Thanksgiving meal a welcome crunch. If you think about it pretty much all of the staples of a Thanksgiving meal are quite geriatric. There is nothing crunchy in a Thanksgiving meal. If you cook your turkey well, there isn't anything tough there either!

How do you go wrong deep frying anything? If you fried your turkey, then this is a Meta egg roll; fried, fried turkey egg rolls! If you use stuffing you are Frying fried turkey stuffed with stuffing eggrolls. Maybe you should cram some cranberries in there too... I'm sorry, I'll go now.

These are a pretty simple assembly process. Three ingredients wrapped in a tight roll.

First a layer of cranberry sauce at the bottom of the wrapper, topped with slices of Turkey.

The stuffing goes on top and you roughly make the fillings as wide as you want the egg roll to eventually be. Bring the bottom corner up and flip it up over the filling. Fold the sides in like a burrito, roll the filling up and wet the top flap to keep the filling together. 

Deep fry 2-3 eggs rolls in a deep fryer until golden brown in 350 degree oil. Try to keep your hands off them long enough not to set your mouth on fire. You can enjoy them with a dip of Thanksgiving gravy or just enjoy them by themselves.


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