Monday, April 13, 2015

Malaysian Airlines: Food without a crash!

When you travel a lot, you also tend to eating in airports and on airplanes a lot. My company pays for an economy comfort seat from Madison to Shanghai on a US carrier. But if I add on trips to say... Myanmar I pay for my own seat.

For that trip I flew the friendly skies with Malaysian Airlines... yes... that Malaysian Airlines. The one who lost 2 planes in 2014... Although in their defense in the 68 years before that they only had two fatal accidents one of which was a hijacking which can hardly be blamed on the airline. They actually had one of the best safety records in the industry... before they lost those two planes last year.

Due to a lack of customers I was able to score an absolutely unheard of low price for my ticket; Shanghai - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -Yangon, Myanmar round trip business class cost $520.  That's about 18 hours of business class flying time for $520

My only words of warning to friends beforehand were that they should not give up the search, I am a very strong swimmer. You know... just in case. To be honest, it was an amazing trip with phenomenal service, great food and very comfy seats.

Why yes, I would love some chicken and lamb satay! It was actually some of the tastiest tenderest satay I have ever had, served with a pile of tasty peanut sauce of course.

In first class they give you real silverware, like for adults! Everything was fresh, the fruit was sweet, the salad great and the garlic bread was for silly Americans like myself.

Stir fried beef with coconut rice. This was good, more of a Chinese preparation then a Malaysian one but still, delicious.

The meal on the way back was a real stunner! Tender and perfectly cooked prawns served with a dark smoky Sambal. It was sweet, spicy, and loaded with spices and flavors unique to this part of the world. This was actually the best thing I ate in Malaysia, even if it was at 30,000 ft.

Overall, traveling business class was an amazing experience I am going to try to repeat as often as I can in the future!

I will probably go to China 3 more times in 2015. Where should I add on trips? I have a hankering to visit Hong Kong, and maybe Japan. But there is a whole wide world out there! Where have you loved visiting the most? Where is somewhere you have always wanted to go? Let me know in the comments!


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