Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Berg Beef Spring Rolls!

So my girlfriend is a little obsessed with spring rolls. By a little obsessed, I mean my barely tips the scale above 100 lbs girlfriend can put down 12-15 spring rolls the size of a Hooot-pocket in a sitting and will probably dip into the fridge and make a few more later on that day... and for lunch the next day and as a "snack" while I'm making dinner.

Basically I'm just saying we tend to eat a lot of spring rolls. This is probably the best spring roll I've had to date. We start off with my brother-in-law's secret family recipe for Berg Beef. I can't tell you exactly what's in it but here is a picture of the ingredients.

And here is the caption, from the left along the top, skirt steak, dark brown sugar, sesame oil, Teriyaki sauce, dijon mustard, white sugar, and at the bottom green onions and garlic. OK so the recipe may not be as secret as I led you to believe.

This is a picture of the beef rubbed with the mustard garlic and green onions.

Here is a picture of the liquid marinade made from a whole bottle of teriyaki, a cup and a half of sugar and brown sugar mixed together, and a couple tablespoons of sesame oil.
We marinated the steaks for a few hours and broiled it in the oven.(why the F are we broiling things in the summer heat in NYC)(because I'm stupid - more on this later!)

Now we've gotten our Berg Beef out of the oven and let it rest for 20 minutes. The resting is immensely important a juicy succulent well cooked piece of meat can be utterly ruined by cutting it too early turning it into a dried out tough hunk of flesh.
After we've properly rested our meat we assemble the other ingredients for the spring rolls. My girlfriend is also very assiduous about washing all the veggies since it will be eaten raw, I think she's a little nuts, but I've never had e-coli poisoning and I think I'd like to keep it that way.

Julienned carrots cucumbers and sliced green onions, lettuce, arugula, parsley, rice noodles and rice paper wrappers. I tossed the rice noodles in oil and the juice from the bottom of the pan I cooked the berg beef in. The hot sauce is Yank Sing XO sauce, soy sauce, and sesame oil.
You dip the rice paper wrappers into some hot water and try to toss it onto your plate before they melt and fold up into a big ball. Stack everything on your wrapper and fold it up into a neat little package. (some people are better at this then others, I'm not naming any names, but my sister might not be employed at our spring roll cart anytime soon. she makes them the size of a football, talk about high food costs!

Spring rolls are a great mixture of cooked and raw ingredients, I actually love them, but don't tell my girlfriend I'll never be able to eat anything else!

To be honest the Berg Beef was so good I volunteered to help clean up the cutting board I used for the meat. I had to use an improvised sponge. Yumm cleaning up can be soooo Tasty. I mean rewarding. yeah mom, rewarding.



  1. Om nom nom nom nom! Need to get me some more spring rolls stat! Perhaps I will make some football sized ones this weekend for the fireworks.

  2. I'll take 2 please! We are having a hard time finding the ingredients for spring rolls in Zagreb.