Thursday, July 1, 2010

Night on the town.

We went to thein NYC. Fun joint, lots of whiskey and I had two of the worst drinks I've ever had in my life.
A pickelback, that's a shot of tasty whiskey that doesn't really require a chaser, which is then chased with a shot of pickle brine.
And a Dark and stormy. The dark and stormy was pretty much the worst thing I had ever tasted, ginger ale, sugar, rum, sugar, orange peels, sugar and to top it off some sickly sweet gingery liquid.
Maybe this was a well made dark and stormy but still... I shall not be ordering it again anytime soon.

Then we went to a tea house and waited in a tiny tiny space for almost an hour to get a table. As you can see Alex fits into the tiny space better then me. Anyone else ever notice I appear to be quite a large guy?

During our hour long wait my girlfriend was obsessively taking picture of this cute lesbian couple on a date.
I ordered a round of mochi, little balls of rice dough wrapped around dark chocolate mousse and green tea mousse. Phenomenal, though it seems the mochi wrapper was so thin that it was more of a chocolate and green tea mousse delivery system, totally not something to complain about.
Tamara and Alex both got the green tea creme brulee. I tasted a little bite and it was pretty phenomenally tasty. Tamara got some sort of green milky drink which was interesting but even she didn't really remember what it was once it arrived.
Tasty night in NYC! Thanks Tamara for hosting us!!!


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