Saturday, August 21, 2010

U Jagušky Part III Cheese

Pivní sýr or Beer cheese. A soft, not quite runny cheese very pungent in a good way. This one has paprika sprinkled on it. I can't find exactly how it's made, some say it's marinated in beer, or you eat it mixed with beer or you just eat it when you drink beer. All I know it's very very tasty, heavy creamy and soft. The diced raw onions served as an amazing pairing with this strong cheese. It's possible to spread this cheese on bread, but will hold it's shape. Great cheese.

Olomouc cheese spread. Olomouc is a region of the Czech Republic famous for their Olomouc cheese. This is a very stinky sweat sock type of cheese reminiscent of Limburger. They used this as a base mixed with diced onions butter, maybe some flour and milk. It tasted like stinky cheese mixed with raw onions. Incredible. Really a tasty cheese spread. It's not at all creamy but rather a little chunky. I'm not entirely sure if this is cooked at all, but it's served cold. Spread on bread if you like. I actually made a little roll-up with the lettuce on the plate and it was quite good.

Smažený sýr
Breaded and fried edam cheese. Served with a wealth of vegetables, at least it is lot of vegetables for the Czech Republic. On the side is Tartar sauce to dip it in. Very stringy and delicious. Jessie still talks about the big stupid grin on my face when I was eating it. I'm from Wisconsin damn it, I love my cheese!

Now I need to go eat some lunch damn it.


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