Sunday, August 22, 2010

U Jagušky part IV "Very typical czech dish"

Every menu I saw this dish on would then follow it by "This is a very typical Czech dish" Svíčková na smetaně, houskové knedlíky. This is some tender beef marinated and served in a creamy gravy topped with lingonberries compote and some whipped cream. On the side are the houskové knedlíky basically boiled bread dumplings. This is the traditional accompaniment of this dish. The gravy and lingonberries reminded me of Swedish meatballs, but instead of a little mass of mystery meat, it's on a beautifully tender chunk of sirloin. Mopping the slightly sweet gravy with the bread dumplings is a real treat.

They say everyone's mom and grandma make this dish best, unfortunately I never found anyone's grandma to make it for me. However U Jagušky makes a pretty great version which I ate with relish.

I'll talk more about knedlíky more in another post.


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