Thursday, March 14, 2013

Plitvička jezera: Plitvice Lakes (the food)

There is an incredible national park called Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Jessie had been angling on going there since before we even left the States. It's a UNESCO world heritage site. 16 interlocking tiered lakes separated by hundred of waterfalls surrounded on 3 sides by mountains. The natural minerals of each of the lakes gives it a unique color, azure, green, grey or blue and every shade in between.

We stayed at a small guest-house in the mountainous slopes around Plitvice. When we first arrived on our long bus ride from Zagreb we asked the tourist information people how to find the address we were given. They said if we cut through the park it would be 1-2 miles and if we took the roads it's would be 6-7 miles! We were a little taken aback, but after inquiring further, it turned out the family that ran our guest house also sold home made strudel about 15 feet from where the bus dropped us off.

Cherry and cheese

Poppyseed and apple

Nomberry and Nomcheese

We hitched a ride to the guest-house with our hosts, which put us on the other side of the park. After settling into an idyllic country home we took a quick stroll through the park as a bit of a warm up for the next day. When we got back to the guest-house our hosts were making tomorrow's strudel, unfortunately the language barrier prevented a cultural exchange of recipes  :(.

These were Cherry and Apple pre-rolling, no sign of the elusive Nomberry

The next day was spent snacking on pre-prepared hiking friendly foods while hiking through the most magical place on earth move over Disney! 16 lakes feeding each other via waterfall, over an 8 mile stretch.  The highest lake is about 2000 ft and the lowest about 1500 ft. They built wooden bridges that criss cross over the most beautiful parts.

If people want to see pictures of the park itself, comment and I might be able to convince Jessie to post some of them.


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