Friday, August 20, 2010

U Jagušky part I

As soon as we got off the metro to our little place out in praha(prague to the rest of us) 9 we were confronted by this little bustling restaurant, U Jagušky. Literally it translates to At the Jagušky, we never found anyone who could properly translate what Jagušky means. We just think it has something to do with witches.

The inside was covered in murals of fairytale stories presumably from the traditional czech cannon. Unfortunitely I don't know any czech fairytales, Altough this one is teaching mermaids to drink I believe.
Also creepy witches lanterns
And really good beer.
They only sell Pilsner Urquell at this bar. And it's really really good. This type of beer is called Tank beer, and you can only really get it in the Czech republic. It's an unfiltered unpasturized type of beer which is stored in large tanks under the restaurants. I heard that large tanker trucks back up to a restaurant and pump the beer into a specifically designed tank. This makes the bottom fermented pilsner style lager, really come alive. Pilsner Urquell I've had in the states was tinny, overly floral, and not a very pleasant drink at all.
While it would be possible to write a whole blog entirely devoted to the beers we have encountered on our trip around the world, I think I'll leave that to the more beer inclined to write about.

For the next couple of posts I am going to delve deeply into the menu of this restaurant, because well basically we ate almost everything in it.


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